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We believe in the power of international cooperation. Therefore, we are building relationships with potential partners across Europe. We always keep our promises and we have a trusted reputation as a company. Do you want proof? Contact us and we will find a way to help each other.

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  • Export, import

    Our main activity is the export and import of household appliances and consumer electronics. We are establishing and strengthening cooperation with leading European companies involved in import and export. With our responsible approach, we are successful in developing our network of partners.

  • Storage

    We have created good conditions for the storage of electrical goods and are constantly improving them. Our local warehouse is located in Komárno. Its position near the motorways suits our partners who appreciate the quick exchange of goods. We work with warehouses throughout the European Union.

  • Logistics

    We rely on the efficient and dynamic logistics solutions we offer in collaboration with logistics companies throughout the EU. We arrange all logistics processes: from quality control to distribution. The convenient location enables to supply goods securely and on time.

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